Best Online Gaming Sites

As we all know that the best online gaming sites are best to play with your friends and having a great experience. It is a trillion-dollar industry in the US only!

Online gaming sites are the best, No matter how your taste in the games, Gaming sites always have something for you that you will be interested in.

But finding the online games according to your interest is worst because there is a lot of throughout the internet!

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List of Trusted and The Best Online Gaming Sites

Our Team listed some of the authority and best online gaming sites where you can find the best online games multiplayer that never makes you feel off and gives the best experience of gaming without having any issue.

Miniclip :

Miniclip the best online gaming site

Miniclip is the best online gaming site since it was founded in 2001 by Rob small and it is a global leader in online games. This gaming site provides highly engagement games to the players for free and has 200 Million monthly active users all around the world. This company continuously getting traction since it was launched. 

The big reason behind listing them on our list is the quality of the games they provide and the environment of a clean website.

What We Like :

  • The Website having a clean design.
  • Games are tested and certified.
  • A lot of Branded Games

What We Don’t like : 

  • The majority of games are heavy and takes time to load sometimes.

Agame :

Agame has 20K plus games on its website for each every interest genre game lover. The website has a lot of games in different categories.

Agame is where you get the world’s best HTML 5 games free.

What We Like :

  • The website has so much variety of games.

What We Don’t like : 

  • Some games take more time to fully load.
  • Advertisements at the starting of games are annoying.

Pogo :

Pogo games by EA

Pogo is launched in 1998 and it’s 21 years old, and in 2001 Electronic Arts acquired pogo for $40 Million. And it is a free online gaming site that offers over 100 quality casual games from recognized brands.

What We Like :

  • The website having a clean interface.
  • Authority and Trusted website.

What We Don’t Like : 

  • Site speed is slow and it is taking time to fully load.

Bored :

This website has all collected free games throughout the internet and have a lot of games with a lot of different categories.

What We Like :

  • The site has a good page speed.
  • This site has a lot of games.

What We Don’t Like : 

  • Amount of ads on one page.
  • Majority of non-branded games.

Kongregate :

Jim and Emily started Kongregate in 2006 and it’s 10 years ago for open-source indie games. This website features over 120,000 online games with different categories.

What We Like :

  • It has a lot of games.
  • Site speed is impressive.

What We Don’t Like : 

  • Some games are not on the site and when you click, it drives you to another website.

In short,,,, and are the best online gaming sites that are more trustworthy and also safe for kids to explore. These best online gaming sites offer a lot of different categories of games and have estimated more than 500,000 plus games in total.

Advantages Of Online Gaming Sites

There are some of the advantages of online gaming sites for kids.

  • Online gaming makes the kid active and sharper in some aspects because online games have various missions and it requires strategic plans which help kids’ brains to develop strategic thinking and problem-solving.
  • As kids interact and play with strangers so they become more socially active and responsive to talk.
  • Research shows that playing video games increases memory, eyesight and increases response time.

How Online Gaming Sites Earn Money?


Advertising is the main source of income for a website and in these sites millions of kids come daily to enjoy the games online and sometimes they randomly click to the Ads and this is the main source of income they have. As they have millions of traffic comes to their website daily so some companies sponsor them to put their advertisements on the website.


Subscription is another source of income because some of the online gaming sites provide premium games, no ads, and more services in exchange for money for the subscription they are offering.

How Gaming Affects Your Brain?

Gaming not only affects your brain but also changes the structure of thinking of your brain.

The results of the studies indicate that playing video games not only changes how our brains perform but also their structure.

Evidence also shows that playing video games increases the size of subsistence of parts of the brain responsible for visuospatial skills.

but it also affects in a negative way! As some researches show that video gaming can be addictive – an aspect known as “Internet gaming disorder”.

Can Gaming Make You smarter?

Video games provide a fun escape from reality! thought, they’re often defined as violent, lazy and waste of time by some. 

The debate has raged on for years – So are there any positive effects? Can video games make you smarter?

Before we get ahead of ourself it’s important to know that too much of anything is bad even broccoli seriously! extremely high doses of broccoli can be toxic heck even water toxicity exists.

So you binge and do nothing and play video games the risk probably outweighs any benefit.

Having said that, many studies have shown increases in Cognitive function after playing video games.

One study, in particular, had participants play Super Mario 64 for 30 minutes a day for 2 months. Afterward, the brains of these participants saw an increase of grey matter in areas associated with Memory, Strategic Planning, and Fine motor skills of the hands, Compared to those who had not played.

Surprisingly Action games can also increase attention to detail in individuals.

Meanwhile, other studies have found improvements in eyesight. Not only can they see smaller details more clearly, like tiny writing, but they have an easier time differentiating levels of grey. Very practiced action gamers were 58% better at observing fine differences in contrast.

Which is important as this is one of the first things to diminish with age.

Even in the elderly, improved memory and focus are seen. 

And of course, all of these skills are only useful if you use them, which you can’t if all you do is play video games. 

So enjoy your downtime and relax with your games in moderation, but get out there and keep your life diverse as well. Because that’s how you’ll win at the Game of Life.

Does Playing On Online Gaming Sites Improve Your Brain?

The answer is Yes because there are a lot of online games in 2D, and 3D. As an individual category of the game can increase your brainpower in a specific area. So there are a lot more categories available on the internet.

Why Do Most Kids Like To Spend Their Time On Online Gaming Sites?

Online gaming sites are the solution for the kids because kids don’t stick to the same game, they like to try every game that attracts them! Online gaming sites provide the games that kids want so the kids more likely to spend their time on these online gaming websites.

So these are the most popular, certified and the best online gaming sites, you can learn more about these site stories and histories on Wikipedia.

This all information we mentioned above for each site is based on our team member’s experience like a review.

We hope you like the details which our team puts time into and show you for your better understanding of each one. If you want similar content please consider subscribing to our Newsletter to get the latest update in the meantime.

See you next time! 

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