difference between computer and a human brain

Today the world is transformed with computers And you might ever think about what is the difference between computer and human brain in points, Well, this is an interesting topic. 

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First of all, we differentiate it in points and then we will get into it and fall into the details!

Difference Between Computer and Human brain in Points

Difference between Computer and human brain In points

ComputerHuman Brain
The processor in the computer is an electronic component.The human brain is a living organ.
The computer processor has 1.75 billion or more transistors, the amount of transistors depends on the model of the CPU.The human brain has 100 Billion+ neuron cells in it.
The computer processor has only 0s and 1s.The human brain has a lot of emotions like happiness, sadness, angriness, etc.
The computer is faster in processing if you input the data and run the program by just pressing the enter you will get your output in milliseconds no matter how much the calculation is.The human brain can understand things better for example if the human brain saw a building at night so it can recognize the same building in daylight.
The neural network in a computer can learn from its experience but it’s not adaptive as a human brain.The human brain learns things from time to time and gains experience and makes itself better.
The computer relies on single representations it can recognize things that they already see.The human brain doesn’t rely on a single representation; it can recognize the alphabet character in different writing styles even if they don’t see it before.

In Short

In short, differences between computer and human brain in points are human brain is a living organ and a computer is an electronic component, Brain has neuron cells in it more than 100  billion, computer processor has 1.75 billion or more transistors in it, the computer relies on a single representation and human brain don’t.

Similarities Between Computer and Human Being

There are a lot of similarities between computers and human beings But there are also many differences between them. 

  • Computer CPU is like a Human Brain. Do calculations in different manners according to their infrastructure.
  • An operating system is like a soul, E.g. every hardware needs software to work. Same for the human body if there is no soul, humans are called dead.
  • The power supply is similar to the human heart, Computer didn’t work without a power supply, same with the human.
  • The microphone is like human ears because they both listen.
  • A camera on a computer is like human eyes.

In Short

Similarities between computers and human beings are like CPU is like a human brain, an operating system is like a soul, the power supply is like our human heart, the microphone is like human ears, and the camera is like a human eye. But in the end, both are different from each other.

Infographics of Brain VS Computer

Brain vs computer infographics

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