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iPhone or Android : What’s your Decision?

Just like many people, are you stuck in the loop as well? Debating whether to buy an iPhone or Android? For as long as the iPhone and Android have existed in the market, the debate has continued. Is the iPhone a good value for money, or should you buy an android for a better performance? Anyone who isn’t a loyal customer to apple or Android goes through this phase when it is time to buy a new phone. 

Although Google Android smartphones take up a huge share of the market than iPhones, that can’t be the sole deciding factor. Both IOS and Android are market competitors, and they will continue to be. Most of the smartphone companies are using Android, and Apple continues to use IOS. Unless some other operating system rolls out in the near future, you are left with these two choices.

So, here are some of the key aspects of these operating systems that continue to keep them in competition:

Hardware: Looks and Sizes

If you are all about aesthetics, then the iPhone might be a good choice for you. iPhones are compact, slim, and sleek, which makes it look very attractive. However, not all android phones look as dashing as an iPhone. Top-end phones of LG, Samsung, HTC, etc. have some very attractive phones, but of course, they are limited series. So if you are all about the looks, the iPhone might be a good match for you.

Ease of use:

Most apple users claim that apple’s interface is a lot better than Android, which is true to some extent. Android phones have developed easier interfaces, but brand loyalty has kept the iPhone strong in this race.


An iPhone might not give you a lot of freedom like an android. It restricts a lot of your choices. You just have one home button to navigate through, which many people think of as an advantage when it comes to interface. A lot of apps that are available on the play store are not available on the AppStore. This might come as a threat to your security, but then again, it comes down to the consumer’s preferences.


Who doesn’t want to have an updated version of their phone? Isn’t it unfair that you buy a phone and two months later, a new phone comes out with the latest features? Well, with apple, having an updated version isn’t a problem. All the compatible iPhones get the updates, but in Android, this isn’t the case. You hope and pray that you get the new software update as well. With apple, your very old phone will eventually stop getting updates, but the OS compatibility is still higher than Android. 

Apple’s compatibility:

One of the biggest reasons for apple’s huge customer base is its intertwined products: MacBook, apple watch, iPad, etc. Once you have an iPhone, you are more likely to stick to apple because of the ease of syncing and transferring of data. It saves you time and hassle to log in to multiple devices. On the other hand, Android doesn’t provide this feature. Google allows you to link multiple accounts and easily log in to multiple devices, but it isn’t the same.


Do you like to be in the moment or take a picture and save the moment forever? If you are the latter one, then the camera is a necessity for you. It is not easy to carry a digital camera everywhere. As the smartphone world has evolved, phones are equipped with excellent cameras. All the iPhones have a great camera, and many expensive android phones do. Many smartphone companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, make affordable phones so they compromise somewhere. So, not all android phones will have a good camera, but an iPhone will.

Battery life:

One of the things that concern a new buyer is the battery life of the phone. iPhones don’t have a very good reputation for decent battery life. Most android phones like Samsung, Huawei, or Motorolla have good battery life. You cant pinpoint a certain smartphone that has a good battery life because it depends on the specifications. But overall android phones have better battery life than an iPhone.

In-person support:

Isn’t it interesting that every mall you have visited is very likely to have an apple store? Apple has a very well established system of supporting their customers. If anything happens, you can go to your closest Apple store and get a specialist’s help. In the case of android smartphones, you won’t find Samsung, HTC stores everywhere. So, if you often come across issues on the phone, iPhone sounds like a more suitable choice for you.

USB accessibility:

Are you someone who constantly uses USB to connect to ports, speakers, etc. android phones give you a wide range of accessories and the USB cable is essentially everywhere. On the other hand, apple uses lightning cables, which might be safer as you can only plug your apple device into another one. However, it doesn’t allow you a lot of freedom and compatibility. Also, USB cables are more readily available if you need to charge your phone right now.

Value for money:

Unless you have a huge budget, you are probably in a constraint. So you want to make sure that your new phone is worth the money you are paying. The factors mentioned above are major deciding factors, and consumers’ preferences play a role as well. If you upgrade from a really old phone, buying a newly updated phone will be worth buying. However, if you just bought an iPhone and you want to upgrade because of the camera, that might not be a very smart decision.

So this debate will continue to go on as long as the competitors are in the market. Apart from brand loyalty and phone specifications, other things become a deciding factor as well. It all comes down to the consumer and what he is looking to get out of the phone. What will he use it for? Social media, day to day surfing, or work? Thus, you can’t solely declare a certain smartphone company as the winner.

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