How to speed up your computer without spending money

It’s hard to work on a slow processing system, or a system which gets stuck every time, and having a computer with good speed is always a good thing. Now, you will learn how to speed up your computer system without even spending money on it.

And you do not need to waste your earned money on your system to work fast.

Before we jump on how to speed up your computer without spending money on it lets first understand a few reasons,

Why your system tends to get stuck or work slow!

Even though there are several reasons behind it, but few of them are,

1. Overheating of CPU: 

We do not realize it, but one of the most common reasons systems freezes is the overheating of CPU, and you can avoid it by cleaning dust from your Hardware.

And limiting or not overusing your system to a point where it gives up and starts to overheat. So overheating is one of the main reasons why systems get stuck.

2. Power Supply: 

Another reason can be of not enough voltage meaning not enough power supply.

Sometimes your system freezes because of not enough voltage power resulting in slowing down your system.

3. Computer viruses: 

Other primary reasons for slow systems are various viruses that corrupt your system software, making it dead slow. 

How to solve it? Well, download reliable anti-virus to help your system point of viruses and remove them.

So these were a few reasons why your system might get stuck and how to avoid it. 

How to speed up your computer without spending money?

Now we will discuss how we can speed up our system without spending anything on it.

Installing Third-party Cleaner: 

So third-party cleaner make sure your system is clean from unnecessary files, those files which are sitting there on your systems are not useful. 

They point out those junk files, and then you can delete those junk files. What this does is cleans of dust from your system’s internal memory, which overall helps it to perform well. 

So basically, delete your junk files/apps that are not in use to get a more effective system.

No or less multi-tasking: 

Like a human being cannot multi-task or do many tasks at once, and if they do, they cannot perform every task well, 

Same, at a given time you cannot work on one task only at your system

So if you have open many unnecessary tabs on your system, it will slow down your system to point where it stops working and freezes, which is called the boiling point. 

Since systems technically stop working. So it recommended opening a few tabs and working on a few tasks. At the same time, on your system, this will help your system run smoothly and ensure long-lasting experience.

Update your installed apps: 

If it is a window or apple always update your apps. 

Why? Updated apps, even though it might take more space in the long run, these updated versions are fewer burdens to your system. 

They execute smoothly and molds themselves according to the system they’re installed. Outdated apps are often are much more substantial and can slow down your system.

Clean Hardware and vents: 

One of the most important ways to speed up your PC is by cleaning your system regularly. This means cleaning its fans and Hardware itself too. 

The reason behind it is that like humans who are required to clean themselves to work and live properly.

Almost every other machine in this world also requires to be cleaned, mainly it helps to remove the dust on fans of the system which, if not cleaned, might heat up and result in slow down your system. 


What is adware, and how does it affects the speed of your system?

So adware is those ads that pop up when you surf around the internet using any web browser, 

If you ever wonder why your system is getting slow, then this might also be a reason, plus adware might damage your data, so do get rid of that.

Shutdown properly and restart more frequently: 

Most people either do not shut down their system correctly, or they put the system to sleep. 

You need to understand the whole system of a computer or laptop. It requires a proper shutdown. Shutting down your system correctly will help your system speed and improve your system’s power supply.

Like in the case of the laptop, if it is shut down properly, your battery life will increase by three folds.

So next time you put your system to sleep, make sure to give it a proper shutdown.

Either reinstall or update drivers: 

Outdated or corrupt drivers are one of the main reasons why your system is slowing down.

Why? People think that drivers, once installed, will run for a lifetime.

It does not happen like an old car does not run properly similarly; old or outdated drivers can mess up your whole system.

And freeze it to the point where your entire system shuts down.

So make sure to either reinstall or keep them updated from time to time.

Switch to a similar theme: 

Most updated or new themes do make your system slow. 

YES, its effect is quite limited, but it does affect in some way. So rather than using a theme that does not do much other than looking beautiful, 

you can switch to a much simpler one that will give a litter boost to your systems speed and health.

Reinstall Windows: 

One of the best and free ways to boost your performance is by all the garbage that is accumulated on your system from time to time, and this can be done by reinstalling your windows. 

Reinstalling windows is giving birth to a newborn child. Like a newborn, your system gets a new begging, a fresh start, and improves its speed.

Run Disk Cleanup: 

Once in a week runs a Disk cleanup. 

Why? Well, it improves performance and speed and frees up some space on your hard drive.

This means hard drive decreases it’s load whenever you clean up your disk from junk files, temporary files, and apps. 

This is sure a short way to give a boost to your system now and then quickly.


So, in conclusion, I would like to mention is that your system speed can be substantially be improved by other various methods which include spending money on it. Still, these are some best practices that you can use to speed up your system quickly without even spending money on it.

And all of it can be done within a few hours, and you do not need any computer specialist to do it for you, these things can quickly be done by you alone. 

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